ISBN: 9788893551885



Rachida Madani, THE STORY CAN WAIT, il testo è scritto in inglese, Editrice AGA, Alberobello 2020, 188 p.




Il libro

Tue Story Can Wait (L’histoire peut attendre) is the first and only novel written by celebrated Moroccan woman poet, Rachida Madani. This mysti­cal and hermetic text weaves a construct, that, from the outset, catches the reader off guard and off balance. Tue work opens in mid-sentence, where the narrator, on board a train, sets out to write a novel. But like the voyage itself, like the in-course novel, all ambles without direction; each random episode, like each indistinguishable station, appears to be but a harbinger to the next in a plexus of variables and uncertainties. Plot lines are launched, morph, and ultimately collapse as the train makes its way forward, toward no discernible destination. Tue present, dilatory and ill-defined, diffused and evanescent, opens no viable path forward; the past from which it labors to distance itself emerges in bursts of blurred snapshots too fleeting to re-construct into a coherent whole. What does emerge from these entangled plot lines and temporal shifts is a deep and sustained probing of the creative process, an exploration of the sub-conscious and unanticipated psychic forces that subvert and counter the author’ s deliberated intentions. Tue complex meta-textual enterprise encapsulates the self-sustaining produc­tion of non-mimetic referentiality flanked by the unconventional charms of woeful, if lovely, poeticized incantations. Tue jaunt, along whose course we may revel and flourish, invites us gradually, progressively, compellingly to confront a stunning poetics of infinite regress.


Rachida Madani, a native of Morocco, has published several volumes of poetry in French, a language she also taught for thirty years. A lifelong political militant, she expresses her resistance: “not by shouting slogans and waving banners. I fight with my words.”


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