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We create and publish volumes with any type of binding and with an ISBN code. After printing and layout, the machines of the bookbinding department allow, from small to large formats, the sewing of quinterni with the thread and the subsequent perfect binding of the covers already printed on various materials, such as paper, cardboard, leather, etc.
The book is ready after perfect trimming on three sides.

Thus begins the adventurous journey of the book: from the library shelf, to literary presentations, to the reader’s bedside table.

Our mission is to offer quality volumes at an affordable price.
Editrice AGA at the service of culture!

Editorial area

The publisher, the editorial director, the editor and the press officers work in the publishing offices of Editrice AGA. The comparison between these professional figures allows to define the most suitable project for a certain work, the series in which to insert it and all the technical aspects to guarantee success.

Subsequently the editor devotes himself to the text, working hand in hand with the author: changes, additions, replacements are made necessary to make the book coherent and harmonious.

At the same time, the press office deals with the media coverage of the upcoming work, proposing it to literary magazines and blogs and dealing with social networks.

Graphic area

The four graphic designers of Editrice AGA deal with the graphic elaboration of the volume, following each step with zeal: from the layout of the text to the insertion of changes, from the iconographic research to the creation of the cover.

After making the typographic settings, the text is ready for printing and is passed on to the staff working in the designated area.

Print area

In the press area work three technicians experienced in printing and finishing. These professionals deal with the creation of the volume, first of all managing offset and digital printing.

The printed sixteenths are folded, interleaved and sewn. After having eventually laminated the cover, it is creased and applied to the volume. The book and cover are then bound. At this point the volume is trimmed to the final size.

The beginnings

Our history

The typography

AGA – Arti Grafiche Alberobello was born on 8 August 1992, when the owner, Rosalia Lacatena, detaches herself from a previous business experience and continues the typographic activity on her own alongside the ancient and lively passion of publishing.

Together with the products for commercial customers, the first volumes are printed, inherent to the cultural and tourist reality of Alberobello and the neighboring countries, but there are also more demanding titles.

Full-fledged publishers

Over time, Editrice AGA publishes an increasing number of high-level works, from poetry to fiction, from essays to inquiries. Hundreds of authors who have relied on our publishing house for the publication of their work, aware of turning to a serious studio equipped with the best printing machines.

The owner realizes that the company is no longer a simple typography, but over time it has become a point of reference for local publishing. He then decides to enroll in the Register of Publishers and Printers, registering the new activity at the Chamber of Commerce. Editrice AGA is officially born.

Our current structure

In 2008 the new factory was inaugurated in the artisanal and industrial area of ​​Alberobello on a total area of ​​1600 square meters distributed over three levels.

In the basement the warehouse of raw materials, such as paper, inks, solvents, and the machines for the preparation of books.
On the ground floor the printing house with the preparation and delivery departments of the final products.
The editorial offices are on the first floor.

Among publishing and communication experts, graphic designers and printers, Editrice AGA now boasts a staff of 15 people, who work closely together to ensure maximum quality for its publishing products.


Over time, Editrice AGA publishes an increasing number of high-level works, from poetry to fiction, from essays to inquiries.


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