Dominique Jean Paul Stanisci

Jean Paul, Stanisci Dominique Jean Paul, born in Luxembourg on 27 October 1974, resides in Alberobello. The only son of a widowed mother, in 2008 she also lost and decided to change her life, leaving behind the advocacy, to dedicate herself completely to her idea, the "Joyful People", a small brand. Based on the only anchor of "value creation", the Joyful People (joyful people) are three projects: an Art B&B, with artistic rooms furnished according to the philosophy of creative recycling; a Cultural Association that proposes in-depth projects on the theme of human dignity; finally, the Home Design as an instrument of propaganda and dissemination of beauty.
He writes this book with the awareness of not being a writer, but with the determination to accept another challenge, in his personal path of deepening, towards that infinite road to go, called happiness.

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