Vincenzo Florio

Vincenzo Florio, born in Grumo Appula (BA), January 20, 1978, defines himself as the Master of Pizza Pugliese Contemporanea. His passion was born at the age of 11, and since then he tells his connection with the territory and raw materials.
Since 2007 he has been a teacher of "Arte Bianca", and travels the world as a Consultant for Pizzerias and Bakeries.
He collaborates with several brands of excellence, of national and international importance (Molino Casillo, Caseificio Montrone, Olio Guglielmi, ItalianaVera and many others), since 2019 he is officially Ambassador of Taste Doc Italy for the Province of Bari, he is chef of the Slow Food alliance.
To tell and share his passion and knowledge, he has established the International Pizza Academy, an international academy of vocational training, with offices in Italy, Spain, Malta, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Sweden. To date, over 600 professionals have been trained all around the world.
This is his first book.

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