The South in the history of Italy

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With the Aragonese – first with Alfonso the Magnanimous and then with Ferrante, his son – the process of economic economic modernization of the Kingdom and lay the foundations for “the Neapolitan road to the modern state”. The fundamental stages of this long and contradictory process are the establishment of state farms and the reorganization of the State farmsand the reorganization of the Mena of the sheep in Apulia with the Magnanimous, the creation of the Art of wool and silk, the liberalization of steps and the establishment of the trade fair system with Ferrante. Operational and technical support for this reorganization and economic recovery will be the Banco Strozzi, the real driving force of the southern economy of the time. in sixty years of Southern History (from 1442, the Aragonese conquest of Naples, until 1503, replacement of the Aragonese with the Spaniards of Ferdinand the Catholic), the South of Italy is invested by a wind of change and rebirth. Everything comes true with the Aragonese in that short time: development and crisis, justice and peace but also murderous and murderous.


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