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Shakespeare in Canada: a Journey into the Canadian Soul (n. 46)


Elisa Tordella, Shakespeare in Canada: a Journey into the Canadian Soul, inglese, 2019, 300 pp.




The book

Shakespeare in Canada: A Journey into the Canadian Soul is a literary jurney through novels and theatrical plays that have contributed to re-shaping the Canadian sense of identity from the Confederation Poets to the contemporary period. Historical, philosophical, postcolonial, and multi-cultural theories constitute the socio-cultural substratum for the new time and place coordinates within which  the identitarian issue can be better explored. The role of language in its written and oral forms, as well in the silences of the untold stories, the role of half-breed, and of women considered as part of those ethnic minority groups that form the neglected and silenced Other, the evolution of the concept of history and belonging are some of the issues this book deals with. The re-making of a Canadian myth and canon by re-appropriating Shakespeare and the native traditions are essential in a re-reading and re-shaping of a sense of Canadiannes which takes into consideration all its different yet equally important components.

The author

Dr. Elisa Tordella received her PhD in Literatures of English Speaking Countries from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” where she taught both at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and at the Faculty of Medicine. While teachjing at the Faculty of Medicine she was also charged with the responsability of coordinating the English courses. She succesfully taught numerous intensive English courses of various levels in classroom, as well as one-to-one lessons for high-ranking officiers of the Arma dei Carabinieri where she also worked as a tester (TUI and JFLT). Her doctoral dissertation La rinarrazione e la riappropriazione della storia nella letteratura canadese was published by Prometheus in 2005. She wrote a book, Viaggiatori Americani a Roma, published by Prometheus in 2012 with the complete translation of Americans in Rome, a novel by Henry P. Leland. She is the author of numerous essays, and lectured widely to professional audiences, on postmodern/postcolonial literatures and has also published many articles on issues such as theatre and literature in North America, geopolitics, and cultural identity, contributing to journals including La rivista di Studi Canadesi, Informasaggi (Università dei Saggi Franco Romano) Englishes, and other international online geopolitical journals. She currently teaches English for courrent Affairs for the Italian Government.

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