Terms and conditions

Approval of general conditions of sale
1. Contract pledged between Editrice AGA and the Clientr is to be considered concluded with the acceptance of the commision on the selling society’s side. Such approval is considered legit, if not comunicated by any other mean to the Client. Making an order in the various expected manners, the Client declares to have acknowledged all indications given them during the purchase, and also declares to fully accept general conditions and payment transcribed as follows.
2. If the Client is a consumer (in other words a physical person purchasing product for means not related to professional activity), once the on-line purchased has concluded, will ensure to print or save an electronic copy and preserve the present general conditions of distanced sale, and following integrations and alterations.
3. Any Client’s right to damage compensation and indemnification is excluded, as well as any contractual or extracontranctual responsability for direct or indirect damage to people and\or things, caused by the order’s missed approval, even if only partial.

Purchasing methods
4. The Client can only purchase items present in Editrice AGA’s online catalogue in the moment the order is submitted and is visible on-line at the address www.editriceaga.it, as described on the relative informations documents. It remains understood that the image relative to an item’s information document may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics and differ for its characteristics, colour, dimension, item’s accessories showed in image. All of the purchase’s support information (Glossary, Guide to purchase, etc.) is to be considered as a simple generic informative material, not referable to the real characteristics of a single item.
5. The order’s correct receiving is confirmed by Editrice AGA via an e-mail answer, sent to the electronic mail address given by the Client. Such confirmation message will report Date and Time of the order’s executions and a “New Client’s Order”, to use in any other communications with Editrice AGA. The message provides all data submitted by the Client who commits to verify its correctness and to communicate promptly any correction, according to the methods described in this document.
6. In case of missed approval of the order, Editrice AGA guarantees quick communication with the Client.
7. In case of missed execution of the order due to items’s unavailability, even if only temporary, in thirty (30) days time from the day after the Client has sent the order via web site www.editriceaga.it, Editrice AGA will inform the Client and will provide for refund of the potential corresponded amount for the payment of the merch.

Payment methods
8. PayPal
In case of purchase of services with PayPal payment methods, at the same time as the conclusion of the on-line transiction, PayPal will provide to instantly charge the inport of the purchase executed.
8.1 In case of cancellation of an order, whether on Client’s side in case of missed approval or on Editrice AGA’s side., contextually to the cancellation, the amount relative to the cancelled orders will be accredited on the Client’s Paypal account. Re-credit time on the instrument chosen inide the PayPal account depend exclusively on PayPal, EditriceAGA cannot be considered responsible in any way for potential damages, be them direct or indirect, caudes by delays of the actual re-credit dependent on PayPal or the bancary system.
8.2 Editrice AGA reserves the right to request the Client supplementary information (ex. Landline number) needed to determine the actual ownership of the PayPal account. In the absence of the requested documentation, Editrice AGA reserves the right to not accept the order.
8.3 At no time during the purchase procedure is Editrice AGA able to know information relative to buyer’s credit card or other methods chosen in PayPal wallets. In no case can Editrice Aga be considered responsible for potential fraudolent and inappropriate use of the credit card by third parties, at the time of payment of items purchased on the website.

9. Advanced Bank Transfer
Advanced bank transfer is a payment method available on all articles on the catalogue. Potential limitations are highlighted clearly inside the Client’s shopping cart. In case of payment via Advanced Bank Transfer, the Client’s order will be reserved until receiving receipt of payment, to send to Editrice AGA (via e-mail) until and not further 3 (three) working days since the date of approval of order. If the deadlines are exceeded, the order will automatically be considered cancelled.
The reason for payment must indicate:

  • order’s reference number;
  • date of order’s execution;
  • first and last name of the holder of the order.

10. Payment methods

  • Bank Transfer on bank account registered to AGA of Lacatena Rosalia.
  • Bank Draft registered to AGA of Lacatena Rosalia.

Bank Account Data:

Editrice AGA
IBAN: IT92Q0833841320000010002330

Shipment methods and charges (shipment requires from 24 to 72 hours, it may vary depending on where it’s headed).

11. For every order made on the website www.editriceaga.it, Editrice AGA issues a tax bill or a commercial document of the material sent, it will be sent via e-mail or via mail to the holder of the order, asn referred to Article 14 D.P.R. 445/2000 and DL52/2004. To issue the bill, all’information given by the Customer at the time of order will be used as a reference.
12. Shipment charged are all indicated for each item’s tab and they wil all be charged to the Client. For islands it’s necessary to set a shipment charge ad hoc. Payment of the merch on the Client’s side will take place using the method appointed at the time of order. Nothing more is due to the Client regarding the order’s amount.
13. Editrice AGA cannot be charged of any responsability in case of delay of the order processing or delivery of what has been ordered.

Potential damages or missed correspondance to number of packages or to indications, must immediately be challeged to the carrier who carries out the delivery. Once the Client has signed the papers from the carrier, he/she will not be able to oppose any objections regarding the exterior charactheristics of whats has been delivered.
Potential problems regarding the physical entirety, correspondace or completeness of received items must be reported in 7 days time from the delivery, according to the methods expected in the present document.
14. In case of missed withdrawal until 5 working days time of the material in stock at the carrier’s warehouse due to repeated impossibility of delivery at the address indicated by the Client at the time of order, the order will automatically be cancelled.

Right of withdrawal
15. According to art. 64 of D.L. n°206/2005, and following integrations and modifications, if the Client is a Consumer (in other words a physical person purchasing product for means not related to his\her own professional activity, meaning he\she does not make the purchase reporting his\her VAT number in the order form present on the website), he\she has the right to withdraw from the purchasing contract for any reason, with no need to give an explanation and without any penalty, notwithstanding point 20.
16. To exercise said right, the Client will have to preserve the sold item’s original package and send a communication with this regard to Editrice AGA, within fourteen (14) days from the date of merch receival. Such communication will have to be sent through a registered letter with a notice of receipt, addressed to:

Editrice AGA

Contrada Popoleto, via confine
Alberobello (BA)

always sent within the said deadline of fourteen (14) days and followed by a confirmation through a registered letter with a notice of receipt, STRICTLY sent within the next 48 hours. Once we have received the said notice of withdrawal, Editrice AGA will ensure to rapidly communicate the Customer the instrunctions on how to return the merch that will have to be sent within fourteen (14) days from authorization.

17. The right to withdraw still undergoes the following conditions:

  • the right is applied to a bought item in its entirety; it is not possible to exercise withdrawal only on parts of a bought item (ex. Accessories, parts of home appliances, etc.);
  • the item bought will have to be undamaged and returned in its original package, full of all its parts (including packaging and possible documentation and accessory equipment); to limit any damage to the original package, we suggest, when possible, to put it in a second box;
  • by law, delivery charges relevant to the item return are charged to the Client;
  • shipping is under Client’s responsabilty, until proof of receipt has arrived in our warehouse; in case the good is damaged during delivery, Editrice AGA will communicate the Client what has happened (within 5 working days from receiving the good in our warehouses), to allow him\her to promptly press charges against the carrier choosen on your behalf and get refund of the value of the good (if insured): in this eventuality , the item shall be made available to the Client for its return, simoultaneously undoing the withdrawal request;
  • Editrice AGA does not respond in any way for damages or theft\loss of returned goods without insurance;
  • at its arrival in the warehouse, the item will be examined to value potential dameges or tampering not caused by delivery. In case the package and\or the original packaging turn out to be damaged, Editrice AGA will ensure to hold from the expected refund a percentage, still not above 10% of it, as a fee for repair costs.

18. Except potential expenses for repair costs to damages found on the original packaging, Editrice AGA will ensure to refund the Client of the entire amount already paid, as soon as possible and in any case within fourteen (14) days from the date in which the comumunication of exercise of the right of withdrawal on the Client’s behalf has arrived. The refund will occur trough a transfer of the amount charged on the Credit Card or through a Bank Transfer.
In any case, it will be curated by the Client to promptly give necessary and useful information to obtain the refund.
19. The right of withdrawal completely expires for lack of the essential condition of complete integrity of the good (packaging and\or content), in cases in which Editrice AGA ascertains:

  • lack of external packaging and\or original internal packaging;
  • absence of integral elements of the item (accessories, manuals, parts, …);
  • damaging of the item for causes different than delivery.

In case of decadence of the withdrawal right, Editrice AGA will ensure to return to sender the purchased good, by charging to the same the delivery charghes.

20. All items sold by Editrice AGA are covered by the manufacturer’s conventional warranty and by a 24 months warranty for any lack of conformity, according to DL 24/02. To take advantage of the assistance included with the warranty, Client will have to preserve the bill (or Transportation Document) that he\she will receive via e-mail or mail.
21. In the event that, for whatever reason, Editrice AGA is unable to return to its Client an item under warranty (replaced or substituted), Editrice AGA will procede at its own discretion to return the entire amount paid or to replace it with an item with equal or higher characteristics.
22. Editrice AGA cannot be requested of any damage because of potential delays in the making of repairments or substitutions.
23. In case in which the application of warranty provides for the return of an item, the good will have to be returned by the Client in its original package, complete of all its parts (including packaging and eventual documentation and accessory equipment:manuals, etc…).

24. Personal data requested during order submission are collected and dealt with in order to meet the Client’s needs and will not be handed over to third parties under any circumstance or in any way.
Editrice AGA ensured their clients respect of the legislation on processing od personal data, desciplined by the code of privacy referred to in DL 196 from 30.06.03.
The data controller is the company Editrice AGA.

25. Each potential claim will have to be addressed to Rosalia Lacatena, Contrada Popoleto, via confine, 70011 Alberobello BA. As an alternative the Client will be able to start a claim through the online Fixing tool of controversies by connecting to the site https://webgate.ec.europa…how&lng=IT and starting an alternative procedure to traditional courts.

Applicable legislation
26. For all that is not specified and arranged, the parties explicitly refer to the national and communitarian laws, ordinary and special relating to purchases and sales, the customer’s rights and e-commerce.
The sale contract between the Client and Editrice AGA is deemed to have been concluded in italy and regulated by Italian law. For the solution of civil and penal controversies deriving from the conclusion of the contracted present of sale at a distance, if the Client is a customer, territorial jurisdiction is that of the court of the municipality of residence; in all other cases, the territorial jurisdiction is exclusively that of the Court of Bari.