110 – Symbolum

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The contributions collected in this second volume of Symbolum from an interdisciplinary and international research project on the theme of the Symbol in its relationship with Knowledge, an elusive hub of contemporary epistemological reflection; Although coming from different disciplinary perspectives, all the contributions contribute to the reflection on the symbolic dimension by offering a mapping of some essential meanings and problematic nuclei of the latter, By allowing us to glimpse the links that link different and also divergent approaches, around three specific thematic areas: Earth, Mother and Matter. The Earth element contains in itself the characteristics of the maternal womb that welcomes life by nourishing it, it is the Great Mother, the feminine principle par excellence, but it is also Maceria opposed to the Spirit, indispensable to the balance of the universe itself. It is the first object of the consciousness that imagines, but there are many aspects through which it is presented, as emerges from the sages gathered there. The interdisciplinarity taken as a methodological criterion is a choice motivated by the conviction to lead with Symbolum a search for deeper structures of phenomena, intended to explain them to understand, guaranteed by loan and methodological exchange, in mutual cultural and scientific enrichment.


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