Curiosità di archivio

Commentary on the resolutions of the Council and the City Council of Alberobello of 800 and 900, transcribed on the occasion of the reorganization of the Municipal Historical Archives

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978-88-95089-80-5 96 Italian

The curiosity that animates the undertaking of Mario Piepoli in wanting to offer the civic attention peculiar documents related to the public life of Alberobello, finished product, is deserving well beyond the initial project. Meanwhile, the synoptic cut of the preambles reaches the dual goal of presenting effectiveness and communicative relevance. The how and the why are immediately understood; no yielding to rhetoric emerges; only measure and balance characterize the notations. The choice is very respectable. Five thematic chapters on Alberobello are assumed and are: water management, roads, public services of the late ‘800, the management of the municipal heritage, trulli. And the time frame within which the selected administrative acts take place is from 1875 to 1944, and these are resolutions of the City Council, the City Council and the Commission.


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