Fra cronaca e storia

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“I considered the publication of Curiosità di Archivio to be half of the work of disseminating the analysis resulting from the reading of the municipal resolutions of 800 and 900. The other half is contained in the articles collected here and published in the monthly Largobellavista, of Locorotondo, and in the yearbook of Riflessioni-Umanesimo della Pietra, of Martina Franca, in the years 2009-2013.

I was able to reflect on what was written and, above all, on the occasions that led me to do so. So it is for the articles collected in the Chapter I on Religiosity, born from the spontaneous introspection of every September 27, every January 27 and every visit to the magical Barsento. The same applies to Chapter II on the celebration of the 150th anniversary of National Unity, which today seems almost an alternative program to the absence… of programmes from 2011. Chapter III collects articles of local chronicle that, however, eventually manage to give a historical reading of the evolution of the country and to deal cautiously with the subject of the origin of the trulli.”


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