The South in the history of Italy

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Within certain limits it can be said that with the Angevin domination everything happened in the Kingdom of Naples once and for all: in the course of two centuries (1266 defeat of Manfredi at Benevento and 1442 conquest of Alfonso V of Aragon of Naples) are inscribed the splendors of court life, With Naples the capital of the Kingdom, the great urban works, the looting, the desolation and the dynastic tragedies, the spread of the plague and famine, the brigandage and the protervia of feudalism, the resumption of city autonomy. Alongside these themes of domestic politics, the struggle for domination in Italy and the East develops with the creation of a “Mediterranean empire’’ and after the era of Charles of Anjou, that of King Robert the “Wise”. Everything manifested and disappeared in a very short time, ending the “myth” of the Angevins.


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